This Business Development and Training Program was developed to help position you to realize & obtain your greatest potential in a society of growing entrepreneurs. Upon entering this program our mission is set to empower you to aspire in your creativity & vision, by providing knowledge, tools and opportunities for you to be inspired and motivated to renew your mind, develop the attitude, skills and habits needed to accomplish your goals and dreams.

With our staff of skilled trainers, coaches and business professionals. offering quality in services, let us offer you a complete package for the aspiring entrepreneurs that you are. Whether you are a struggling businessman or business woman, Or you’re wanting to start a new business. However, you could be established in business or need direction on scaling your business our team of highly skilled business professionals can help you in the process of navigating your dreams. Our vibrant team of business consultants & developers, graphic designers, web developers, marketers, social media experts, and other creative professionals stand eager to listen to the scope of your visions and bring your desired ideas, dreams, interests, goals suited for your life’s successes. Remember within yourselves you are filed with much potentials, why not let us unlock the visions inside you. This business development and training program will prepare you for a better tomorrow

K.A.S.H Training

The decision for starting a business is exciting, but if you want your business to succeed you have to be ready for the many essentials needed to be put in place for success that is what our K.A.S.H training will do for you. K.A.S.H Training is a tool will put you on a firm foundation to start building a successful business it will give you the knowledge you need and help you develop attitude, skills and habits for greater success in your business

After K.A.S.H Training


Now that your training is completed and you are mentally prepared and ready to begin your journey of preparing to start your new business we are eager to learn more about you and your vision. With our questionnaire, you will be able to answer our many questions which will help us guide you unto the road to success.


Our Assessment in intended to do just that assess your vision and put together a plan that will get you to a place where you can successfully accomplish you dreams and goals.


Your consultant will help you define your business with a mission statement.
She will take you through every step in the developmental process to bring your vision alive.

Fundamentals for Starting your Business

Your business plan is an essential roadmap for your business success

Executing your Plan

This is where your vision come to life our concepts are aimed directly at capturing the imagination and desires of your audience

Management & Organization


Web Design and Development

Branding & Identity



Business Location & Equipment

Business Licenses and Permits


Privacy Policy